Short Story – Dream Part I


It was a suspiciously silent night.

Suddenly, I woke up, out of breath and my chest was throbbing violently . There was a tinge of anxiety and fear in my heart as if something bad happened, sweat beads appear on my forehead. Instinctively, I looked around for reason of my condition. Everything is in its designated place, one of the benefit of suffering from OCD. Nothing special can happen in my small room there is not even much space to move around but enough for person living alone. I like it that way. I Swept my hand under the pillow looking for my iPhone, first thing I do habitually after waking up. Screen flashed and filled my face with white light as I pressed the home button. Its 04:00 AM, still two hours of sleep before hitting gym. Joyfully I started adjusting my blanket to make myself comfortable again, rejoicing that I still have time to sleep.

I changed my sleeping posture from log to soldier and adjusted the pillow to keep my head high. “Why I am not able to sleep?”, I asked this question mentally to myself after calculating the approximate time of my insomnia, which is now more than 10 minutes. There’s something wrong, something unusual. Normally I never do such things. My sixth sense start sending distress signal to my brain. I didn’t want to open my eyes but opened anyway as if some invisible force is compelling me to do it. Reluctantly I blinked the eyelids and take off the blanket from my face.

Shiver went through my spine when I saw a shiny human structure staring straight into my eyes from the ceiling. I shook my head instantly and looked away in a swift motion only to find that same person looking at me from the side wall. My heart skipped a beat and I shut my eyes as tight as possible.

To be Continued…

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