Book Review – The Sialkot Saga


I was very skeptical when I started this novel but this book went beyond all my expectations.

Started with India-Pakistan partition in 1947, story of two individuals Arvind and Arbaaz. This novel is India’s own version of Kane & Abel by Jeffry Archer. Reference to the real world persons and events will magically create an inseparable connection with the story. You will get a detailed & accurate description of everything within the timeline of the two protagonists of the book. This is a story of two individuals, who lead very different life but attached to each other via threads of destiny. It’s a grand Saga of cosmic entanglement, love, life, betrayal, karma & fate.

Another unique part of the book is the alternate narration of the ancient secret society of Nine Unknown Men, Author did an extensive research on them and portrayed very different dimension of Ashoka’s Unknown men. However, my thirst to read more about The Nine Unknown Men was not quenched by this novel. All the dots were connected beautifully but still something was missing. People who want to read this novel just to read about the secret society may get little dishearten but I suggest giving points to Ashwin Sanghi’s bold experiment with the book.

I tweeted this to Ashwin Sanghi after finishing the book, “Wonderful book. Epilogue is a masterpiece. I prayed for more pages after every page turn.”

Epilogue was indeed a masterpiece and you will yearn for more and more as you turn page. I wish Ashwin wrote a novella taking epilogue further in the realms of mythology and legends.

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