Book Review – Finders, Keepers by Sapan


This novel has comprehensive and extensive research on ancient Indian heritage. Finders,keepers is a perfect blend of history, mythology, technology and legends ranging from ancient beings like Shiva & Vishnu to Ashoka’s Mauryan empire. It is a must read for people who relish work on ancient Indian legends and myths.

Two morally motivated characters trailing cold blooded killer midst of clues ranging from almost all sacred Hindu text, stories and conspiracy theories. Most beautiful part of the story is the analogy and connection between the historical places all across the Indian sub-continent with the stories of Hindu legends and beliefs. The precise execution of the perfect plan interwoven with the mysterious secret society of nine unknown men thoroughly explains the feud between ancient sects which changed the face of Hindu society.
The Author has done a fabulous job of researching on people like Tulsi Das bringing out the believable facts which are concealed in the web of mythologies.

One special mention, the best part of this novel is the average human like characters, who tried solving mysteries and riddles like normal people, not like super genius who knows everything in and out and solves everything in the first attempt. Ishan & Shoumik, the protagonists of the novel banged their heads clueless around the riddles, and worked on the quest tirelessly, eventually came up with the solution. Their frustration with the wrong deduction and sometimes no deduction at all kept the pace of the story within realistic realm.

The only discouraging factor is the length of the book, with approx. 600 pages the novel is bit lengthy. I said discouraging because as soon as you start reading this gripping tale, unraveling the mysteries on every turn of the page this book will be un-put-down-able and eventually you will find out that you are missing your next day job, happened to me.

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