Coward and Selfish



You are a coward, she screamed…
You are a liar, she proclaimed…

In a vacuum I stay,
And listened all she has to say…

We had a seven heavenly vow,
And there were none on which you didn’t bow…

Yet you say, you lost all your power,
You cannot embrace what God want to shower…

She wants the relation to be persisting,
And to break all which is resisting…

Tides of time took me back to that moment,
For which my heart have eternal lament…

I was standing on the shore of a lake,
Smiling enough to prove what all was fake…

Staying with you is all I want,
You don’t know how hard it is to say that I can’t…

Here I stand with what all I’ve done,
Stacking all my happiness and pushing it to sun..

I decided to do my most selfless act,
She said, ‘you don’t know but this is your most selfish pact.’

May be I am selfish, may be I am coward,
I wanted to fight but I was so tired…

I had all the courage to change my fate, my stars.
Yet I became coward and selfish just to keep you out of chaos and wars…

I am not showing off,
Its not a stunt or any favor paid off…

I gave up all my peace and happiness,
Yet, you say I am coward and full of selfishness.

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