Chords and Rhythm

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Chords of life on the rhythm of the world...
Plucked and pulled by all indecent and absurd...
Chasing mirage of hope,
Stretching all strands of rope...
Getting dunes of time,
Taking hits and saying 'I am fine'...
Grains of sand are fading so fast, 
Symphony of the past was all that last...
Clutching every notes that fell from my song,
Hard it is to tell, it will take how long...
Pressed by the emotion and forced for revelation,
Trying to create my world my nation...
Setting up the cello, tuning the guitar,
I will play the chords in all chaos and war...
Rhythm of my era will echo everywhere,
Body wither or die, spirit of my music will live forever.

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